January 30, 2021

Bread & Lead comrades,

Due to unforseen circumstances, the acting de-facto leadership hereby presents the attached text, titled "Member Safety, Succession, & Suspension" for an emergency vote. To pass, this resolution only requires a simple majority, and has a 24 hours total of voting time. Anyone who doesn't vote in this period is considered absent.

Under Section IV of this resolution, the Ethics Council will be chaired by the following individuals: Vandal, Lago, Mando, Nathan, Austin, & TJ.




The #1 priority of all Bread & Lead comrades should be safety. We are a firearm enthusiast group after all, and firearms are incredibly dangerous when used improperly. Due to a recent event requiring an emergency expulsion, the acting de-facto leadership realized there was a lack of guidelines to determine what is and isn't acceptable for members of this organization.

This resolution is designed to provide guidelines to all members, as well as create an Ethics Council, which shall oversee any possible future member emergencies. Additionally, as at this moment our bylaws are not yet ratified, this document shall serve as a framework for member succession & vetting.


The following behaviors are all subject to immediate action by the Ethics Council in order to preserve our group's safety:

The following actions may be carried out by the Ethics Council by unanimous decision:


Any individual who applies for membership will be considered for provisional membership. A member may recieve full membership, which includes voting rights, once they have been vetted by members of the Ethics Council. Member vetting is chaired by the the Operations Security officer. An applicant may be instantly denied on the following administrative grounds:

An application may be denied on the following character grounds:

From time to time, the Operations Security Officer or the Ethics Council may ask additional questions to applicants on the membership application form to better gauge the character and history of applicants. Membership is at the discresion of the Ethics Council & the Operations Security Officer.


The Ethics Council shall be established upon passing of this document. The Ethics Council members shall be stated in this resolution's presenting text.
In the event a member of the Ethics Council may have a significant bias in cases of member investigating, or is the member being investigated, all other members of the Ethics Council must agree on replacement members.